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Life science has the power to unlock the major health and societal challenges and opportunities of today, and tomorrow. Data-driven healthcare combined with scientific breakthroughs are revolutionising the way we approach treatment opportunities – paving the way for improved preventive approaches and addressing complex medical and individual needs through precision medicine.

Sweden's goal is to be a leading life science nation and be at the forefront of innovation and implementation of advanced healthcare. Sweden’s unique digital technology capabilities, high innovation capacity, world-leading universities, and public and private collaboration combine creating an unrivalled environment for expansive innovation in life science.

Business Sweden inspires, supports, and accelerates Swedish life science companies’ ambitions to step up and make an impact on the global stage. We welcome high-impact corporations to invest in Sweden to expand the industry and collaborate to push the boundaries of precision medicine, connected health, and infection control.

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99% of all prescriptions in Sweden are digital
#3 Karolinska Hospital’s European ranking in life sciences and medicine
#1 Sweden is the EU’s most innovative country – topping the EIS ranking in 2021 for the sixth consecutive year.
115 Sweden’s life science GDP export SEK 115M
3% Sweden’s life science GDP value
Sweden's Life Science Industry

Sweden is a hub for healthcare innovation in a wide range of specialty areas. The life science industry is experiencing rapid growth and prides itself on top talent, cutting edge R&D and highly specialised manufacturing capabilities that are helping to meet pressing global health challenges.

Precision medicine

Sweden is a precision medicine research and innovation trailblazer with a strong network of incubators, leading research universities, and SMEs. Supported by unique national registers, monitored health data, and robust research infrastructure, Sweden has proven ability to transform multi-disciplinary research into products and commercial growth. Will you join Sweden to transform health?

Connected health

Sweden is a world leader in connected health, with an industry that has been accelerated by advanced digital infrastructure, high quality patient data, and cutting-edge support and diagnostic technologies. With a drive to continually improve healthcare with data-driven and AI solutions, Sweden ranks among the best performing countries for connected innovation. What part will you play?

Infection control

The current pandemic and future risk of an antimicrobial resistance pandemic are serious global health threats. With a strong foundation in infection and antibiotic control policies, Sweden has one of the lowest antibiotic resistance levels in the EU and plays an active role in monitoring and liaising on global standards. Will you collaborate with Sweden for a safer future?

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Make an impact globally

Do you want to explore life science business opportunities in new global markets? The impact you can make and the growth you can achieve can be accelerated – with practical support and strategic advice from our global experts. Start your journey today.

Precision medicine

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Invest in Sweden

Precision medicine is a focus and growth area, and this report is a guide to 76 Swedish companies who are developing innovative products and services with the potential for advancing the field. The report highlights technologies in use, areas of rapid technology advancement, and a presentation of Swedish research infrastructure.

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Get insights into the orphan disease pipeline of Swedish companies and statistics over orphan drug designations granted to Swedish companies by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency.

Global biotech
Case study: Cellink pushing global biotech boundaries

Gothenburg based Cellink has quickly raised the global standard in cell printing, research collaborations, and technologies with their high-tech bioprinting equipment. Rapid development in the sector and unprecedented demand for technology to facilitate research has been a catalyst for global growth.

Connected health

REPORT: Connect for a healthy future

Digitalisation has changed the way healthcare is planned, accessed, and delivered. Data and digital technologies are transforming healthcare networks, but the potential is only just being revealed and opportunities for growth are vast. Understanding the factors driving Sweden’s connected health sector boom is the first step to leveraging opportunities for international investment and collaboration.

Invest in Sweden

Utilsing data, technology, R&D, and innovation is at the heart of Sweden’s life science industry, all with the ambition to develop world-leading precision and preventative healthcare solutions. In this podcast, Business Sweden’s life science program manager Britta Stenson and Maria Bäcklund-Hassel from the Swedish eHealth Agency explore the potential of connected health and explain how data is driving change and improvements across the life science industry.

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VIDEO: Exploring connected health today with Sweden

The future of global healthcare needs progressive and connected solutions that can help to prevent and address current and future healthcare needs – and Sweden is at the very heart of the global change. Tune into this episode with Britta Stenson for a sneak peek into the trends and successes that are defining the life science sector in Sweden and globally.


The potential for growth within NHS England’s strategic innovation goals for oncology is vast. But navigating the maze of the world’s largest integrated health system is not easy. Our report explores the current and future priorities for Swedish companies.

Infection control

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Saudi Arabi have undertaken one of the most ambitious reworking of a healthcare system ever as part of their Vision 2030 strategy. Skåne Care are a key part of their strategic change providing education and evidence based best practice to support large-scale reforms.

Grow global sales

The important role of vaccines has been amplified during the pandemic and the need to scale-up research and production has been pushed into the mainstream. Valneva’s long-term plans for expansion have accelerated key vaccine development and growth continues to improve.

Why Sweden?

- Sweden offers a world-class life science industry and infrastructure built on collaboration, openness, and innovation
- A digitalised healthcare structure and digital-ready population facilitates a transformative implementation of digital solutions
- A network of stakeholders and innovations with a natural focus on sustainability, equality, and high-quality standards.

Why go global?

- Sweden's reputation for quality, sustainability, and technology innovation is unparalleled and growing stronger as countries seek to elevate healthcare standards
- Swedish innovations hold solutions to the rapidly growing need and demand for digitalised, personalised and purpose-driven healthcare
- Vast business opportunities on the global stage present an opportunity for Swedish companies to contribute to important development of sustainable healthcare for the future

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