India is on track to become the world’s third largest economy by 2030 while also confidently stepping into its new role as a supply chain hub in Asia. More and more global companies – including Swedish businesses – are expanding their footprint in India when it comes to sourcing of intermediate goods and services.  

The ongoing US-China trade war and the lessons learned from the supply chain disruptions during the pandemic are just two drivers of change. Another is the fact that massive investments in manufacturing and infrastructure in India are now paying dividends, as the country builds its own supply chain network to rival China.

This report explores the latest sourcing models being adopted in the region and how India’s rapidly developing industries are opening up new sourcing opportunities – coupled with a deep-dive into six emerging categories that are expected to put India firmly on the supply chain map in the years to come.

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The report series Executive Global Insight is published by Business Sweden to give Swedish business leaders a regular deep-dive into the most important trends in cross-border trade.

The reports help decision makers break down risks and opportunities and provide actionable insights, drawn from the knowledge and expertise of Business Sweden’s global advisors based in more than 40 markets worldwide. 

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