Swedish companies remained profitable in Brazil through the pandemic, 77 per cent of Swedish companies in Brazil were profitable in 2021, while only six per cent of companies presented losses.

Cost efficiency and sales competence remain the key competitive advantages for Swedish companies in Brazil. It shows that having a great sales team is still the focus for most Swedish companies in such a price sensitive country, where cost efficiency may determine your success.

The 2022 result for this question is similar to the one verified in 2021, with 70 per cent of companies being favoured by a Swedish branding. It shows that a connection to Swedish values – such as integrity, reliability, and quality care – supports companies in their daily business in Brazil.

We do see a growing sustainability awareness among Brazilian customers. Large, industrial and mature companies are the ones picking up the positive change in customer behaviour towards sustainability.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis. 


The Business Climate Survey is a tool developed to map the opportunities and challenges that Swedish companies face when doing business in Brazil. This report presents the conclusions drawn from the survey and an analysis based on the current business situation, economic outlook, as well as other market aspects believed to be relevant for companies operating or planning to establish themselves in Brazil.

This year, Business Climate Survey Brazil was sent out on April seventh and collected answers until April 27th, giving companies 20 days to respond. 53 answers were collected, from large manufacturers operating in Brazil for decades to smaller service providers newer to the Brazilian market.