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Whether you are a Swedish company looking to tap into global business opportunities or an international company looking to invest or expand in Sweden, our team is here to help. With a unique government and private sector mandate, we facilitate access where access is needed. Our business developers offer strategic advice, practical support, market insights and an extensive contact network to turn your potential into reality.

Our services for international investors are free of charge, while our consulting services are offered at highly competitive rates. Most of our market insights and programmes are either free or partially subsidised.

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Invest in Sweden

Are you an international company? We offer strategic advice, practical support and an extensive contact network to help you invest or expand in Sweden.

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Grow globally

Is your company ready for international expansion or do you want to grow an already global business? Our experienced business developers guide you with strategic advice and practical support to grow your global sales.


Manage exports in practice

If you need advice on complex procedures related to export we offer advice as well as training programmes on how to manage practical exports and understand regulations regarding customs, rules of origin, free trade agreements, delivery terms, international payments and much more. Information available in Swedish only.

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Internationalise your start-up and SME

Do you have global ambitions? If you are a Swedish start-up or SME with potential to grow globally, we offer subsidised advice and programmes that help you get started in new markets.

Learning centre

From guides and reports to online tools and training programmes, Business Sweden has a wealth of learning resources for companies that want to start growing or maximise global sales.

How can we help turn your global potential into reality?

You are welcome to contact us if you have general questions about our services, markets and areas of expertise.